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Geriatric Care Management
Providing a Safe Harbor and Empowering Lifeline in the Cycle of Life

A                     As a Geriatric Care Manager equipped with
(GCM)            extensive knowledge of our often convoluted
                       medical, legal and social service systems,
                       as well as a deep compassion for others,
                       Anne-Marie Foster's goal is to be a safe harbor for those caught unprepared for the sometimes stormy seas of aging, as well as an empowering lifeline for those seeking to chart their course with a plan for the inevitability of aging.

As a GCM she can:

  • Assist an older individual choose the best location to age in place safely, based on their finances, health concerns and personal preferences;
  • Preserve and enhance the autonomy, dignity and quality of life for an elder via education and advocacy;
  • Act as a liaison for long-distance family members, providing short or long term eldercare assistance for a loved one in their absence;
  • Conduct a care-planning assessment to identify concerns and offer solutions to a variety of eldercare issues;
  • Be a shoulder to lean on and a safe harbor before, during or after the storm of a healthcare crisis for either the elder or the adult children;
  • Review financial, legal, or medical issues and coordinate referrals to a team of professionals as needed;
  • Provide assistance with bill paying, shopping or money management;
  • Screen, coordinate, hire and/or supervise in-home services such as transportation, meal preparation or medication management;
  • Serve as a conservator, health care representative or legal representative (power of attorney) if there is no family or close friend available;
  • Steer & encourage an overstressed caregiver to find refuge in a support group.

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